Tech4Good Fellowship

Helping ecosystem move from scarcity to abundance of tech talent for impact.
Tech4Good Fellowship aspires to create an abundance of tech talent to help with co-creating tech for good solutions and help in last mile delivery of such solutions. - Tech has emerged as a transformative tool for how social impact organisations are able to build movements, raise resources, disseminate information, provide services, and generate conversation - But there is a scarcity of knowledge, resources (human, funding) in social impact organisations to leverage tech to amplify impact of their work, and become more effortless in their day to day operations. Most organisations are under resourced when it comes to technology. - Also, Tech developed for vulnerable communities tends to exclude lived experiences of communities or on-the-ground experiences of frontline workers. - There is also an important need to identify, nurture, equip and seed talent from diverse backgrounds who can work as technologists focused on social good. What will the fellowship try to achieve? The Tech4Good Fellowship is our way of equipping the ecosystem by building a talent pipeline of self motivated, enthusiastic, passionate individuals from different backgrounds and life experiences to work at the intersection of technology and society. If technology is going to work for “edge cases”— then we need people who understand what it is to live and work within those realities and for them - We want to cre­at­e path­ways for these diverse talents from diverse communities & backgrounds who could be invalu­able assets in the impact sec­tor, yet who don't have the access to the edu­ca­tion, net­work­ing and resources that they need to find their way to a career pathway focused on using technology to affect positive social change Current Full time Tech4Good Fellows: - [Lily Lakra]( - [Megha Jibhkate]( We are currently finalising a formal application process and structure for the Fellowship. Please check out this space for updates in Jan 2023.
Application open Jan 2023!
Please watch out for this space for application link in Jan, 2023.